Leisure Activities

Below are a list activities available on the island of mauritius:

Water Sports
Primarily, Mauritius is a beach escape destination and a fine representative of the top quality of the Mauritian beach is located near the beach house.

Water activities abound, but there’s plenty to keep an active visitor engaged on land, as well.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Almost every hotel or resort has a dive center and snorkeling and scuba diving can be arranged at a local hotel. Diving in Mauritius doesn’t compare with other Indian Ocean sites (Seychelles or Maldives) but there is a well-known site, the “Cathedral” off Flic en Flac on the island’s west coast. Other sites include Whale Rock and Roche Zozo, an underwater rock pinnacle (accessible by boat only in summer). Another popular site is the submerged crater near Ile Ronde, accessible from the north from Grand Baie, among others.

Snorkeling is more popular and all the major hotels can arrange boat snorkel trips to enjoy Mauritius’ reef and its colorful sea life. Many of the snorkeling spots are close to the beach, although the best spots are just off rocky shorelines. Most of the larger hotels on beaches have snorkeling equipment (masks, snorkels and fins) available for rent or complimentary for guests and will be pleased to direct you to the best spots. Please do remember that spear fishing or the collection of shells and corals is strictly prohibited.

Record blue marlin catches have been landed during the October to April prime season, and besides marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, tuna and shark are common. One of the best fishing spots is just off Le Morne where the seabed plunges almost 2,300 feet and the currents pull in the feeder fish to attract the huge trophy animals.

This is an all year round sailing location. Charter a power boat, cabin cruiser or yacht for fishing or leisurely exploration at your own pace. And again, a local hotel will be able to arrange a full yacht charter or a day sail, or whatever your preference might be. The day sails include lunch and is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the water; there are also sunset cruises and starlight dinner cruises…these are very popular and advance reservation are required. In Grand Baie you can rent a catamaran by the hour if you prefer to handle the lines and rudder yourself.

Surfing came to Mauritius some 30 years ago and some spots around Tamarin have been described as near perfect conditions with waves up to 6 feet…the season lasts from June to August. Expert surfers have rated Le Morne and One-Eye’s as excellent, plus other sites near Baie du Cap, south of Ilot Sancho and opposite the public gardens in Souillac.

Excellent almost everywhere and equipment is available at all hotels and resorts.

Other Water Sports
Ocean kayaking and water-skiing are available at most of the larger hotels, and a hotel can also arrange for a glass-bottom boat tour of the island’s surrounding reef.

One unusual experience is the “Undersea Stroll” or a “helmet dive” and for many visitors this is the highlight of their stay. With weighted boots and dive helmet connected to a top-side air supply you descend and can actually take a walk along the seabed, observe the teeming life and even feed the fish. The location for this unique stroll is near Grand Baie and bookings can be made at a local hotel.

If you would like to see the bottom of the sea, visit the reefs at depths of up to 35 meters aboard a Blue Safari Submarine.

Another unusual experience is the semi-submersible “Le Nesse” boat. This submarine-type craft takes you on an hour tour for an up close and personal look at marine life that’s a lot more up close and personal than the glass-bottom boat experience, without the physical requirements of the Undersea Stroll. Paragliding is also available and is a wonderful way to enjoy the view and the feeling of bird-like freedom as you’re pulled along at top speeds.

Besides the Mont Choisy public beach, Perybere, Flic en Flac and Belle Mare are all excellent swimming beaches.

Windsurfers, canoes and sailing dinghies may be hired on the more popular beaches and water skiing and paragliding are offered at the main resort areas.